Cables & Stands

Audioquest Quartz X3 Hyperlitz RCA Cables

1 metre pair of US made interconnects
Great condition



Straight Wire F-4 Bi-Wire Speaker Cable

Nice heavyweight 2 x 2.5m cables from high end manufacturer
Made in USA
Currently wired as single cables with banana plugs at one and bare wire at the other.
Easy to convert to bi-wire configuration.



Audio Rack – 6 Tier

Large, beautifully constructed rack.
Super strong: all metal with welded steel cross pieces.
Toughened glass shelves.
Dimensions: 600w x 550d x 990h.
Useable width = 500mm
Useable shelf heights (bottom to top): 200mm; 180mm; 140mm; 130mm;140mm

Wooden Speaker Stands #2

Height adjustable (currently at 70mm).
Top plate: 245mm x 180mm
Bottom plate: 245mm x 180mm

Audioquest Type 4 Hyperlitz Bi-wire Speaker Cables

2 x 5m lengths.
Insert Audio banana plugs on all terminations.

Audio Note SP-XII Jumpers

Supreme quality jumpers from UK company Audio Note.
27 strand pure silver litz cable.
Audio Note silver wire is 99.99% pure silver.
Original box.

Supra Cables Balanced Interconnects

A pair of EFF-1 Swedish-made XLR cables in 1.5m lengths.

Male to female.

The EFF-I cable’s inner construction is rather complex. It makes use of several techniques to minimize skin effect (EFF = Equalized frequency Flow). The EFF-I consists of two hollow silver-coated copper wires. The wall of the wire is 0.20 mm thick. The inside is filled with PE. Both wires have individual, two-layer shields made of PE (the first layer) and aluminum foil (the second layer). Further, there is a grounding wire inserted under the outer protective coat. The cable is of course directional and this is clearly indicated by arrows on the outer coat. 

Cable type: twin tube core R (Ohm/km) 37
Wire type: fibers C (pF/m): 77
Wire material: OFC L (uH): N/A
Shield: Al foil
Connector: Supra RCA
Dielectric: PE
Directionality: yes

Mint condition in original packaging.



Audioquest RCA interconnects

Pair of RCA cables 0.55m lengths.

AudioQuest HDMI 3 Cable

The HDMI-3 is built to the strictest of standards using the highest-quality materials, to deliver crystal-clear picture and sound. These cables are designed to support today’s highest HDMI signal standards, as well as future video technologies like Deep Color
Length: 2 meters (6.6 ft.)
Supports video up to 1080p
Silver-plated copper conductors (silver layer is 6.1% of total conductor)
Solid, high-density skin/foam/skin polyethylene dielectric
Textile braided jacket
Gold-plated contacts
26-gauge design

QED Reference Digital Audio Co-axial Cable

The Reference Digital Audio cable delivers stunning sound from a CD or Blu-ray player (or other SPDIF source) to your separate DAC or AV amplifier digital input.

With silver plated stranded copper that allows flexibility while ensuring excellent sound quality and construction quality that will surely impress, these high end digital interconnects have clearly been well thought out.

Silver plated 99.999% oxygen free copper
Coaxial construction optimised for true 75Ω± 1%
Very low jitter data integrity
Triple electrical screening for enhanced signal protection
8 leaf 24K gold plated RCA plugs
Precision engineered plug with integrated user grip