Harman Kardon Citation 15 Tuner

Massive, professional quality FM reference tuner. Working perfectly. Rare model with the optional extra of the wooden walnut case. Fascia and case in excellent condition. Collectors item.

* Patented “Quieting Meter” that measures the signal-to-noise ratio of the received signal
* All-metal buttons and switches
* FM-only
* Single IF bandwidth
* Rear-panel Muting threshold control
* Rear-panel Stereo threshold control
* Large, heavy metal tuning flywheel
* Thick, heavy aluminum faceplate and overall very substantial construction on essentially the same chassis for all three models
* Finished in silver brushed aluminum
* Unusual rounded-corner walnut cabinet

* Four-gang tuning capacitor

* Ratio detector
Switch for external Dolby NR adapter
400 Hz reference tone at level equivalent to 50% modulation
Muting switch
1/4″ stereo phone plug receptacle for tape out
L and R gain control sliders
Mono/Auto-Stereo switch
Stereo noise filter switch
Large center-tune and quieting meters
Horizontal drum tuning dial scale with very large numbers
Unusual green-colored backlit displays for meters and dial scale
Fixed and Variable audio outputs
Inputs and outputs for external adaptor (these may be used for any other type of adapter you choose, or used for a tape recorder loop or input for another source component to your system)
Composite signal output for external 4-channel adapter
75- and 300-ohm screw antenna terminal
Weight: 12 kgs
Dimensions (mm): 430w x 165h x 370d

Six month warranty