JVC MCA-V7E Amplifier

A rare beauty presented in Sansui-like gloss black and silver. Despite being made in 1972, this amp shows few signs of use. Condition is excellent. This stunning beast looks utterly superb at night — a major conversation piece with its four lighted VU meters.

And no need to worry about its age — it has been thoroughly serviced to bring it back to its original sound. All the transistors that we now know to cause issues have been replaced with low noise modern equivalents. All of the pots and switches have been cleaned for smooth and silent operation.

Highly flexible amp with multiple inputs including turntable. Separable pre- and power-amp stages which can be used to drive two power amps or for bi-amping/bi-wiring your speakers.

Power output: 25W/ch into 8Ω (stereo), 12.5W/ch into 8Ω (quadraphonic).

Frequency response: 20Hz to 40kHz

Total harmonic distortion: 0.2%

Dimensions: 435w x 140h x 300d mm
Weight: 10 kgs

Six month warranty