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Phono Parts

Audio-Technica ATN-100E (NEW)

The Audio-Technica ATN-100E ATN100E needle features a highly polished elliptical diamond with a .0003 x .0007 inch scanning radii for precision tracing of record grooves.

Audio Technica ATN100E Stylus Specifications
– Output voltage: 4.5mV
– Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz
– Channel balance @ 1kHz: 1.5dB
– Channel separation @ 1kHz: 27dB
– Stylus shape: Jointed 0.3 x 0.7 mil Elliptical diamond
– Cantilever: Aluminum pipe
– Tracking force: 1.0 – 1.8 g (1.4 g standard)

Ortofon OM-5S Cartridge & Stylus (NEW)

Brand new genuine Ortofon cart & needle in original packaging.The OM 5S is a nice allround magnetic cartridge (MM) with a Spherical shaped stylus that provides balanced and distortion-free playback for general purpose applications.
Output voltage at 1000 Hz, 5cm/sec.  –  4.5 mV
Frequency response  –  20-22.000 Hz
Tracking ability at 315Hz at recommended tracking force  –  60 µm
Stylus type  –  Spherical
Tracking force range  –  1.5-2.0 g (15-20 mN)
Recommended load resistance  –  47 kOhm


Goldring Elektra Stylus (New)

Unused, new in box, needle.
No longer in production.
Elektra is the big brother to the well-known Elan cartridge. Although the Elektra’s stylus assembly shares the same, striking magenta colour, the Elan has a spherical stylus and the Elektra is fitted with an elliptical one.


Supex SDT-77 Step-Up Transformer — ON HOLD

Rare, Japanese classic step-up transformer that raises the voltage for moving coil cartridges to a level required by most pre-amp phono stages.

Original brochure
Frequency range: 15–75000 Hz
Gain: 28.5 dB


Supex SD-900 Mk IV Moving Coil Cartridge — ON HOLD

Ultra rare find with lots of life left in stylus.

Technics EPS-207ED Stylus (NEW)

New in box — never used Technics stylus.
This is the rare elliptical audiophile version.
Genuine Technics — out of production for 20+ years.