Pioneer Elite C-72 Pre-Amp

Big, solid pre-amp from Pioneer’s Elite range of high end components. Beautifully presented with it’s wooden side panels and original remote control. Multiple inputs including Phono stage with MM & MC options. Dropdown front panel of tone control options.

From “The Vintage Knob”:

“The C-72 holds two transformers, select caps and resistors, non-resonant chassis and feet through the use of honeycomb embossing (power-supply sub-chassis) and added elements (in-feet).

The Super Linear Circuit (SLC) acts to cancel the non-linearity of one semi-conductor with the linearity of another, as inaugurated with the 1979 Z1 Series.
The Clean Ground System (CGS) manages to isolate noise from the signal path and said signal path is reduced to minimum lengths (50cm max.) with deported shafts and OMRON relays despite the numerous hookups and control options.

One transformer feeds through two secondary windings, after proper rectifying, the ┬ÁCom processing, relay switching and video switching ; the other transformer feeds all that is audio through five secondary windings : EQ stage, outputs, flat amp, rec-out, tone controls.

Being from 1990, a moving coil phono input was (still) there as well as composite and (already) S-Video i/os. An added “direct input” bypasses everything and carries the signal just before the volume control.
Said volume control is a motorized & remote-controllable 4-gang presumably/probably made by ALPS.”

Dimensions: 460w x 163h x 420d
Weight: 11.3 kgs

Six month warranty