JVC 4VR-5456 Receiver

Top-of-the-line JVC 4-channel receiver.
Powerful 100 watts RMS into 8 ohms in stereo mode.
20 kg heavyweight.
Silver aluminium fascia with drop-down front panel.

Teac AG-6500 Receiver — SOLD

Early 1970s black-and-silver unit made in Japan
Beautiful real wood case.
50 watts per channel.
14 kgs.

Kenwood KR-6060 Receiver — SOLD

Monster 1970s Japanese-built high-end receiver in near-mint condition.
A rare beauty in the hard-to-find grey/bronze finish.
Colourful dial lights.
60 watts RMS
16 kgs.

Technics SA-T670 ReceiverSOLD

Stunning near-mint monster receiver.
Superb tuner and phono stage.
Best one of these we have seen.
Case with real wood veneer.


JVC JR-S100 Mark II Receiver

Fabulous vintage 1970s unit with radiogram style aesthetics.
Analogue AM/FM tuner with horizontal tuning wheel.
Excellent phono stage.
Fully serviced.


Goodmans One-Ten Receiver

British designed and built 1970s receiver.
Cool Scandanavian-influenced design.
Teak case.
40 watts per channel into 8 ohms.