SEE Revolver Turntable -- SOLD

Sundown Electronic Engineering (SEE) Revolver belt-drive turntable in near-mint condition and perfect working order. This audiophile deck features a Linn Basik tone arm with new Ortofon cartridge and stylus. The plinth is finished in its original hammertone and the lid in dark smoked perspex. It also has the original Starmat (Standard Analogue Record Mat) and the PIG (Precision Instant Grip) rubber clamp. Also included is the original shipping box.

The unique construction of the Revolver is not visible or otherwise apparent to the user. The base consists of a sandwich of two fiberboard platforms. The lower platform is supported on three large, soft, molded-rubber feet. The upper platform carries the motor, turntable, and tonearm. Holes in the lower platform provide clearance for the turntable bearing and the tonearm base. 

The upper platform, which at first seems to be rigidly coupled to the lower one, is actually separated from it by two thin foam-rubber strips that help to isolate the playing components from vibration entering through the mounting feet. The rear corners of the upper platform also carry lead weights, which pass through clearance holes in the lower platform. These weights provide the mass distribution required for optimum performance of the isolation system.

Designed and built in the UK. 

Six month warranty.
SOLD 08/04/22