Mirage M-260 Bookshelf Speakers

Solidly built Canadian speakers.
Great condition with refoamed woofers.
3/4″ Vifa Polyamide tweeter.
8 ohms.
80 watts.

Mission 752 floorstanding speakers

Beautiful in real rosewood wood veneer.
English designed and built classics.
Transverse-fold speaker enclosures.
8 ohms.
150 watts.

Mordaunt-Short Carnival One

Sealed box mini monitors.
Perfect for smaller rooms or office.
Woven composite cone drivers.
Soft dome tweeter.
Polypropylene capacitors in crossover.

Polk RT-15i Bookshelf Speakers

3/4″ silk dome tweeter for smooth highs.
5-1/4″ Dynamic BalanceĀ® driver and Power Portā„¢ technology for amazingly clean, powerful bass.
Integral wall-mount bracket. Great for discreet surrounds in a tight space.
100 watts.

JPW P-1 Speakers

Chunky English-made speakers with 8″ woofer.
Real wood veneer.
Sealed box design.
8 ohms.
70 watts.

Mordaunt-Short MS-10 Speakers

Early 1980s vintage speakers from respected maker.
Excellent condition in black veneer.
2-way, rear-ported design.
80 watts.
8 ohms.

Yamaha NS-X700 Speakers

Yamaha quality in piano black finish.
Two-way ported design with 5″ driver.
110 watts.