Jamo S-60 SUR Speakers — SOLD

Quality pair of small bookshelf speakers.
Well balanced sound – suit smaller room, rears, or office.
80 watts.
Excellent condition.

Kef C-20 bookshelf speakers — SOLD

Beautiful condition with woodgrain veneer.
Solid (7 kgs), closed box design.
Non-deteriorating rubber surrounds.
100 watts.

Celestion F-15 Bookshelf Speakers — SOLD

Superb sound from these maple veneer bookshelf speakers.
Two-way, rear-ported design.
8 ohms.
100 watts.

Mirage M-260 Bookshelf Speakers

Solidly built Canadian speakers.
Great condition with refoamed woofers.
3/4″ Vifa Polyamide tweeter.
8 ohms.
80 watts.

Wharfedale Diamond III –SOLD

British designed and built classics from the 1980s.
Budget mini-monitors that found favour in recording studios.
Very good condition in black ash with original covers.
8 ohms.
100 watts.

Mission 752 floorstanding speakers

Beautiful in real rosewood wood veneer.
English designed and built classics.
Transverse-fold speaker enclosures.
8 ohms.
150 watts.

Onkyo D-502A Speakers — ON HOLD

Very high quality Japan-only speakers.
2-way, bass reflex with 8″ woofer.
Massive magnets on both woofer and tweeter.
Heavy, well braced cabinets (16 kgs each)
6 ohms.
150 watts.

JBL L-26 Speakers — ON HOLD

Large studio quality bookshelf/floorstanding speakers.
Sensitivity: 89 db.
Power capacity: 35 watts.
Impedance: 8 ohms.
19 kgs each.