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Pioneer PL-7L Turntable — SOLD

Direct drive, quartz lock.
Massive size and weight (17+ kgs).
Top-of-the-line audiophile unit.
Ceramic tonearm wand.
Oversized platter for improved inertia.
Ultra rare (AKA Pioneer PL-91 Elite)

Yamaha GT-750 Turntable — SOLD

Quartz lock, direct drive.
Micro-Seiki designed tone arm.
Heavyweight audiophile deck.
Excellent condition.

Dual CS-1218 Turntable

German excellence.
Fountain-badged mahogany plinth.
Fully serviced with new Ortofon cartridge and stylus.
Full auto.
Six month warranty

SEE Revolver Turntable

Full manual audiophile unit.
Belt driven.
Linn Basik LV X tone arm.
Near-mint condition and working perfectly.
Original hammerite finish on plinth.
Original box.
New Ortofon cart and stylus.
Six month warranty