Dunlop Systemdek III Turntable — ON HOLD

Audiophile deck with rare high-end Signet tonearm.
Armboard set up for SME tonearm.
Goldring Elan cart & stylus.
Beautiful in satin black.
Six month warranty

Lenco L-174 Turntable

New in box.
Belt drive.
Glass plinth.
Quality Audio-Technica elliptical stylus.
USB capable for transferring vinyl to computer.
Standard RCA outputs for normal hifi usage.
Six month warranty

Luman PD-264 Turntable — ON HOLD

Beautiful direct drive unit.
Elegant straight tone arm.
High quality Ortofon cartridge and stylus.
Good dustbug.
Six month warranty

SEE Revolver Turntable

Full manual audiophile unit.
Belt driven.
Linn Basik LV X tone arm.
Near-mint condition and working perfectly.
Original hammerite finish on plinth.
Original box.
New Ortofon cart and stylus.
Six month warranty

Yamaha YP-D5 Turntable

Japanese-built direct drive.
Quartz lock.
Moving coil cartridge.
Auto return.
Aluminiun front and wooden side panels.
9.5 kgs
Six month warranty