Yamaha YP-511 Direct Drive

Superb vintage direct drive Yamaha turntable. This heavyweight deck tips the scales at nearly 12kgs with most of the weight coming from the solid, ultra-dense particle board base which is cloaked in real walnut veneer.  It features a 222mm s-shaped tonearm with original detachable Yamaha headshell. This is fitted with the audiophile quality Shure M75 cartridge and stylus, renowned for its great tracking ability. It has a strobe light and adjustable pitch control to get the speed spot on. The RCA plugs are Neutrik professional quality connectors.
This simple, no-frills, full manual deck boasts very good specifications: S/N ratio of 60db or more;  wow and flutter less than 0.04%.
From base to lid, this deck is in excellent condition.

Dimensions: 470w x 145h x 380d
Weight: 11.5 kgs

Six month warranty