Yamaha YP-D5 Turntable

Unique, modernist, heavyweight (9.5 kgs), Japanese turntable from the early 1980s. Rather than wood veneer, this deck is cloaked in silver aluminium which is contrasted with ebony side panels. Instead of the usual Japanese S-shaped chrome tone arm, the YP-D5 employs a Micro Seiki-designed, elegant, straight pipe tonearm made from epoxy-coated carbon fibre. This arm is topped off with a turntable-specific, rounded headshell with a factory-installed, moving coil cartridge (the Yamaha MC-703 *).

The tonearm has multiple weight adjustments both front and rear.
The platter rotation is quartz-locked for no-fuss, spot-on speed control.
The YP-D5 is a semi-automatic turntable. This means that the tonearm return to rest and the platter switches off at the end of a record. This is especially good for those who like to listen to vinyl after a few drinks and pass out before the record has finished.

1.5 kg aluminium platter
Strobe for speed control with quartz lock
Tone arm effective length: 225mm
Dimensions: 470w x 150h x 370d mm
Weight: 9.5 kgs

Six month warranty

* The Yamaha MC-703 cartridge used here is one of the few moving coils where you can replace the stylus. Genuine styli for this cartridge are still available.